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Beautiful color, durable for decades
With the Wet on Wet paint spraying process. Spray the paint while the tiles are still wet. Causing the color to stick together, harmonizing with the tiles.

The color is long lasting throughout the lifetime of the tile, does not peel off or change color like general concrete tiles using low quality paints.

Tough, durable throughout the sheet.
Produced from Chang brand cement with modern production technology using high-pressure compressors that meet the quality standards ISO9002 and TIS. 535-2540. There is a quality control system at every step before delivering to customers’ hands.

Ensure no leakage.
Designed to have 3 water trap, 2 long trenches along the tiles. To prevent rainwater splashing back on the tile head And has a spout tongue on the tile that can prevent leakage between the sheets confidently tested in wind tunnels and in actual use for over 38 years.