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CPAC Monier Reflective Insulation

• CPAC Monier Heat Reflective Sheet Reflects up to 95% of heat rays before entering the house without storing heat in the house, spitting out later like normal insulation.
• Produced from pure aluminum foil, 7 microns thick, 2 sides, thick to 170 grams / sqm.

CPAC Monier Heat Reflective Sheet Ultra cool type (CPAC Monier Reflective Insulation – Ultra Kool)

• Easy to install. Just place according to the purlins and rafters.
• Standard size 4 sq.m. / roll

CPAC Monier Cool Roof System

• CPAC Monier Cold Roof System Helps to keep the house cool by creating an air circulation system in the roof to allow the dissipation of hot air. And instead cools the air all the time
• Causing the temperature in the house to drop to 2 degrees Celsius
• Increase the efficiency of the heat reflector sheet to prevent heat better.