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CPAC Monier Cold Roof System Helps to keep the house cool by creating an air circulation system in the roof to allow the dissipation of hot air. And instead cools the air all the time.

• Causing the temperature in the house to drop to 2 degrees Celsius
• Increase the efficiency of the heat reflector sheet to prevent heat better.
• Reduce the energy depletion of air conditioners by more than 40%
• Is a clean technology system because it uses hot air in the roof as energy to operate Without having to rely on electrical power or other energy
• Easy to install, just install a little more from the heat reflector installation

1. Create an air intake to the external eaves (Air Intake) by creating a ventilated ceiling at the eaves.

2. Expand the air cooling layer between the tiles and the heat reflector using the Gap Setting.

3. Create an air outlet with the CPAC Monier Ventilation Ridge Set.