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Comparison Of Roofing Materials And Seeing Which Ones Last Longer

Comparison Of Roofing Materials And Seeing Which Ones Last Longer

Apart from big remodeling projects like remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, etc., getting a new roof or even remodeling a new roof would prove to be one of the most expensive home improvement projects that one would take on. Just like with home improvement choices, there is indeed a direct relationship when it comes to expenses and quality as well. A roof will rarely make sense when you are trying to bargain for the products and the materials because you will indeed end up spending a significant amount of money, which would also depend on the size of your house. A cheap roof is indeed accessible, but those things will indeed last half as long as what a normal and proper roof would last.

When you do indeed use decent materials for the roof, you will find that you will be surprised when you consider the longevity factor of the common residential house roof. The calculation of cost would indeed go like this. For the sake of the comparison, we have indeed offered an average 2000 square foot house with a normal and standard roof and also different materials can indeed make sure that the costs can either go up or down. The analysis will indeed give you a sense of all of the comparative life spans of all types of roofing which is indeed available. You will also get the average costs and the lifetime value.


–    The asphalt roof has been known to be made of large rolls or the same things that are used in asphalt shingles. It is used for flat pitches, just like angled shed roofs and it is also installed by laying the strips lengthwise across the roof in the overlapping courses. Roll roofing has been known to be really easy when compared to others, and they can even be done by DIYers. It is also best suited for sheds, garages and even porch roofs. I don’t think that it is a great option for home roofs. Asphalt roofs have been known to last around 10 years and getting the maximum life from the roofs is just a matter of keeping it all clear of any kind of debris, and you should also patch up any punctures and fix any damages.

–    It would also cost around $3 per square foot and will cost around $55,000 for 100 years. This is with good maintenance.

–    There is another kind of roofing which is called as built-up roofing (BUR), and this is the one that has been known to last 20-30 years and probably more with perfect maintenance.

–    Another kind of roof is the wood shingle roof which should not be used in rainy areas.

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